A world-renowned Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza Vieira accepted to be part of the Honorary Committee of the World Congress of Architects UIA2020RIO. The invitation was made in Portugal by Nivaldo Andrade, the Brazilian Institute of Architects national chairperson. With works of great prominence in the four corners of the world - including in Brazil where he designed the Iberê Camargo Foundation in 2008 in Porto Alegre - Siza has a very close relationship with Brazilian architecture.

- It's very important to have a name of this relevance on the Honorary Committee. Siza speaks our language and has an intense relationship with our architecture, especially the modernist, that has a big influence on his work - said Nivaldo Andrade, after the meeting with Siza. - We had a long talk. Siza remembered with great affection his contacts with the Brazilian architecture from the time of school - when Fernando Távora presented the modernist architecture of Brazil to him - until lectures of Lucio Costa and Niemeyer that he attended in Portugal and the contacts with Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Siza Vieira won some of the most outstanding international awards: the 1992 Pritzker Award, the Venice Biennale of Architecture Golden Lion on two occasions (2002 and 2012), the 2009 RIBA Gold Medal, among others. At the Honorary Committee, he will have the company of another Pritzker Prize, his old friend, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, who chairs the committee.

UIA2020Rio Honorary Committee gathers names from culture and architecture who can bring relevant contribution to the issues to be debated at the 2020 event. Besides Alvaro Siza Vieira and Paulo Mendes da Rocha, other members of the committee are: Jaime Lerner, architect - the only Brazilian chairperson of UIA ever; singer and former Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil - who 40 years ago started the debate about the favelas through the hit Refavelas; and Marisa Moreira Salles - specialized architecture editor and founder of the Arq.Futuro event and portal, which bring important debates on urban planning and cities. Other members are yet to be announced. 

Comitê Organizador do
27° Congresso Mundial de Arquitetos
Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil
Endereço: Rua do Pinheiro, 10 - Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Instituto dos Arquitetos do BrasilInstituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - Rio de JaneiroInstituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - Rio de JaneiroInstituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - Rio de JaneiroInstituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro
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