Locations, lectures, debates, communication plan and budget. In its second visit to Rio, the board of the International Union of Architects (UIA) attended a detailed presentation of how the 27th UIA2020Rio World Congress of Architects should be held in July 2020. Apparently, the members of the international delegation liked what they saw.

"Rio has everything it takes to host a large congress. And I'm very happy with everything that was presented. We need to continue this great work and we have come here to contribute, to add with our experience in hosting previous congresses,” said UIA chairperson Thomas Vonier at the end of the first day of meetings with members of the Brazilian Institute of Architects, of the Executive Committee of UIA2020Rio - entities that organize the Congress - and of the participating entities of the CIAU (Council of Institutions of Architecture and Urbanism).

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of Jornada do Público - Public Journey, name given to the experience of the public from the moment they arrive at the venue, which will be fully integrated with the unique landscape of Rio. It begins at the All Worlds Arena in Marina da Glória - where the main attractions take place, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, round tables and lectures - and continues on a promenade along the Guanabara Bay - the Just One World Path - where resting areas, food courts, points of contemplation and integration with the city will be built. The path ends at the Museum of Modern Art - MAM, one of the examples of the modernist architecture so present in the city, as well as one of the main cultural equipment of the central region of the city, which will gain a new "surname" during the event: Architecture 21.

"We want MAM, which is a 20th century work of art, to be the stage for discussions about the future, hosting part of the debates and attractions that are more student oriented," explained Sérgio Correia, director of strategic planning for SRCom, the company responsible for organizing the event. "We believe that this division between the venues will allow the public to move around the event and still interact with the city, which is our goal. It will be an incredible and totally different experience."

The meeting also served to present some of the lectures and debates content which will take place during the Congress. The general theme "All Worlds, Just One World, Architecture 21" was unfolded in four main themes (Diversity and Mixture, Changes and Emergencies, Fragility and Inequalities, Transitorities and Flows) and several sub-themes that will guide setting the round tables and debates. Names of potential speakers, a competition for architecture students, and the organization of debates during the Congress were suggested. The idea is that there are 18 panels that would bring together 36 debaters among architects, intellectuals, sociologists and artists.

“We believe that bringing professionals from other areas, not just architects, can enrich our seminars even further. We also want to ensure that there is gender equality between speakers and debaters and diversity of age and regions, with people from all continents,” highlighted Elisabete França, Scientific Committee coordinator, who is planning the program content of the Congress.

The ideas were well received by the UIA delegation, which besides the entity chairperson, also counts with the Secretary General Serban Tiganas; the Vice President for Americas, Roberto Simon; the Vice President for Asia, Australia and New Zealand Jong-Ruhl Hahn; and the treasurer Fabian Listerri.

For Sérgio Magalhães, World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio chairperson, the meeting provided an important exchange of experiences:

"It is important that the experience of the last congress editions be most widely incorporated so that we can achieve our goals. And the UIA friends brought an extraordinary contribution to the Congress. I am sure that in 2020 we will have a memorable urban epic."

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