There are still two years to UIA2020Rio World Congress of Architects, nevertheless, the Scientific Committee is already running in full swing. Last week, the seven members of the team met to begin the organization of the technical visits, talks, roundtables and workshops that will take place during the event in July 2020.

Therefore, the program is already beginning to take shape. There will be plenty of room for debates and presentations of papers, lectures, workshops - which should be concentrated in the afternoon. The mornings will be focused on round tables and the evenings on conversations among architects.

"It was a very fruitful meeting. Especially since the Committee was recently expanded and the new team members needed to be updated.” - explains Elisabete França, Committee coordinator.

The meeting also served as an opportunity for architects Vinícius Andrade, Ruth Verde Zein, Thiago Andrade and Zeca Brandão - who joined the Committee now together with Bete França, Nivaldo Andrade and Margareth Silva Pereira - to present their opinions and suggestions.

"With their arrival, the Committee has gained a lot in terms of diversity. They are professionals of different areas with experiences in different cities. So now we are broadening our views and opinions”, says Bete.

The next meeting will take place in October. But the discussions and debates to create a great congress never stop, since the Committee is in constant touch via Internet.

Meet the members of the Scientific Committee

Elisabete França. Architect and urban planner, she has been working for more than 25 years in the development of public policies, with emphasis on housing and urban planning programs in favelas. She is currently the planning director of the Housing and Urban Development Company of the State of São Paulo (CDHU). She also works as a consultant for international financing agencies such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Bank, and has collaborated in the construction of public policies in several countries. She has published more than ten books that have contributed to the debate about housing in Brazilian cities.

Margareth Silva Pereira. Architect and urban planner graduated from FAU-UFRJ (Architecture and Urbanism College, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), she did her doctoral and postdoctoral studies at important universities in France and England, such as Université de Paris VIII, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris and Center for Urban History of the University of Leicester. She has been a guest lecturer at the UFRGS Institute of Arts (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris, Institut Français d'Urbanisme, FAU-PUCAMP (Architecture and Urbanism College, University of São Paulo), National University of Colombia, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and higher education institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Ruth Verde Zein. Architect and Professor of Project, Theory and History of FAU-Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Architecture and Urbanism College, Mackenzie Presbyterian University), has dozens of papers published in annals of Brazilian and international scientific events, participating in several of them as a member of the Scientific Committee and / or Organizer. She has participated as a debater and lecturer in events in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Ecuador, Slovenia, Spain, the United States, Finland, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, Uruguay.

Thiago de Andrade. Architect and urban planner, he always conciliated his professional practice - from his own office opened in 2004 - with participating in important forums of civil society and public authority that discussed issues such as the right to the city and urban planning. He coordinated several national public architectural tenders, such as the Brazil Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015. He has exhibited works at the International Architecture Biennial of São Paulo and the Brazilian Design & Perspective in Singapore. In addition to that, he has been a jury of some other prizes and public design contests.

Zeca Brandão. Architect and urban planner, PhD by the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA School / London), Associate Professor of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and the Graduate Program in Urban Development (MDU). He is currently developing a research with the Graduate Program in Architecture (PROARQ) at UFRJ, as a PNPD / CAPES fellow. Former founding partner of the Architecture and Urbanism Group (GRAU), he has developed projects and studies in the area of architecture and urbanism, with emphasis on urban space planning and design. He received the 1st prize at the 10th Pan American Biennial of Architecture (Quito / Ecuador / 1996), Urban Design / Set of Works category, and at the 3rd International Architecture Biennial of Brazil (Recife / 1996), in the Urban Intervention category

Vinícius Andrade. Architect and urban planner, graduated from the Architecture and Urbanism College of the University of São Paulo. Founding partner of Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados, he was recognized for having won some important national and international awards. He teaches at the City School, in São Paulo, and is responsible for the executive course “Urbanism, Cities and Conscious Leadership”, run by Arqfuturo and INSPER. He frequently participates in graduation boards, lectures and seminars in several universities in Brazil and abroad. He was vice-president of the Institute of Architects of Brazil – São Paulo Department. He is Counselor at CAU-SP (São Paulo Architecture and Urbanism Council) and member of the Education and Training Commission

Nivaldo Andrade. Architect and urban planner, master and doctor of architecture and urban planning from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), where he is currently a professor of the College of Architecture, of the Professional Masters in Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Historical Centers (MP-CECRE) Postgraduate in Architecture and Urbanism (PPG-AU). Between 2016 and 2017, he developed postdoctoral research at the École d'Urbanisme de Paris - Université de Paris-Est on the insertion of new architectures in urban sites of recognized cultural value. National President of the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB) in the triennium 2017-2020, he was also Executive Secretary of the Pan American Federation of Architects Associations (FPAA). He is a member of the Advisory Council of IPHAN (National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage), the Deliberative Council of ICOMOS-Brazil and the Advisory Board of the Cultural Heritage of Salvador. He is a founder and partner of A & P Arquitetura e Urbanismo, with intervention projects carried out in several Brazilian urban sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as Salvador (Bahia), Goiás (GO) and São Luís (MA).

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