Rio’s approval as World Capital of Architecture and the announcement of the themes which will steer the debate at the UIA2020Rio World Congress of Architects, were the main topics at the 9th CIAU2020 (UIA2020 Council) meeting, on June 14th.

Besides the four previously selected main themes, 14 sub-themes were added to further guide the debate. Items on the agenda of architects from all over the world: diversity (social, economic, temporal); mobility and migration flows; urban and suburban worlds, social transformations, climate change, slow architecture.

- The last UIA Congress in Latin America was held in 1978. It will be held for the first time in Brazil. Therefore, we need to tackle social and environmental problems as well. And not only Brazil’s, but from other countries which attend these events and, just like us, have issues in need of debate - as highlighted by Andrade, IAB (Brazilian Institute of Architects) national chairperson, when introducing the sub-themes.

A Scientific Committee was created to develop the activities which will take place at the Congress and the pre-UIA2020 prep events. This Committee is composed of architects from different fields of expertise: Ruth Verde Zein, Thiago de Andrade, Zeca Brandao, Vinicius Andrade, Elizabete Franca, Margareth Silva Pereira and Nivaldo Andrade.

CIAU2020 participating players representatives approved the activities that have been developed so far. They include partnerships with the following companies: SRCOM – responsible for the event operations, Blumar – who will take care of all incoming tour services, and VMS – who will be responsible for an exhibition at the Congress.

- The themes are relevant and pertinent. The architects have been losing visibility before society and the Congress plays a key role in such issue. However, it is crucial how we are going to show it. If we are going to bring about the perspective of the person who works out the complexities in different scales, who also promotes possibilities for nature to be part of the city without conflict - says Luciana Schenk, ABAP (Brazilian Association of Landscape Architects) vice-chairperson.


Rio: World Capital of Architecture

Another subject that was debated at the meeting was the nomination of Rio as World Capital of Architecture. Joao Pedro Backheuser, architect, introduced the event and the debate program which should be carried out by 2020, and led the UIA Council to approve, by unanimous decision, the granting of Rio’s title.

- The Congress aims at the dialogue about the profession. Nevertheless, the World Capital title extends this dialogue to society and, therefore its importance – explains Magalhaes, UIA2020Rio chairperson.

The title’s importance to Rio’s (Brazil’s) self-esteem was also highlighted by CIAU2020 members.

- Rio deserves this title. After all the setbacks, governments and misgovernments, titles as the World Capital of Architecture bring a breath of fresh air to the city. Cariocas love their Rio. I also think it is important for Brazil as a whole because it raises the awareness of city and state governments of how important it is to plan the city, have programs and initiatives with the participation of the community and cooperating professionals - as pointed out by Joao Carlos Correia, ABEA (Brazilian Association of Architecture and Urban Planning Education).

- There is also an aspect of hopefulness in this ever-so-hard moment for Rio and Brazil. It shows it is possible and that we can build something greater. – adds Cicero Alvarez, FNA (National Federation of Architects) chairperson.

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